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Do Stressful Situations Keep You From Being Your Best Self?

Nowadays, being masculine means hiding your emotions and vulnerability. This is considered a sign of strength, but it's actually a sign of weakness.

The problem with that is that hiding emotions cause them to pile up — often resulting in emotional outbursts of anger or frustration.

On top of that, people who are hiding their emotions have a way of taking things personally and can try to take control of situations as a means of controlling their environment to help themselves feel safe.

The good news is there are tools you can use in these situations to keep yourself in control and learn to respond to the situation rather than reacting (and potentially making the already stressful situation worse!).

One in Five People Ended A Relationship With Someone Because of How They Behaved When They Were Angry.

You Don't Have to Be One of Them.

Learn How to Stay Calm & Collected

Instead of being vulnerable, we often: 

-React like a nuclear reactor instead of having a controlled response​.

-Continue on a hopeless path of endless - and often needless - suffering and conflict with others​.

-Take EVERYTHING personally, feeling humiliated and insulted at the slightest perceived criticism.

-Remain frustrated that we are unable to find a way out no matter how hard we try.​

-Eventually feel defeated and furious, not only with ourselves but with our circumstances, family, and friends.

I Know - Because I've Been There & Done That!

I overcame being a nuclear reactor and now I help people who are tired of being angry learn to live incredibly full everyday!

And at the end of this experience, you too will be be able how to manage your emotional state under any circumstances.

Get Your Calm & Collected Tools Now!

Learn to Respond to Situations Rather Than Being a NUCLEAR REACTOR!

My Calm & Collected Course Was Designed to Take You From Stressed and Reactive to Calm and Responsive So You Can Live Incredibly Full Everyday!

So What's Inside 

The Calm & Collected Course?

Lesson 1


Learn how to use the tools in this course effectively and in every situation so you can start responding instead of being a NUCLEAR REACTOR!

Lesson 2


Dig deep into maintaining your calm using a real-time strategy that will help you gather your thoughts and give yourself space — even in the middle of stressful situations!

Lesson 3


Many times stressful situations can drive rational thought far away, making it difficult to act as your best self in the moment. Learn how to capture your thoughts and stay aware so you can think through any situation!

Lesson 4


The key to successful resolutions (and successful relationships) is the ability to respond to situations rather than exploding. Take the step into responding to situations while respecting both yourself and others.

Lesson 5

Putting It All Together

Put all the tools together to transform your interactions and relationships! This lesson also provides a feedback metric so you can track changes over time and move toward your goal of always being calm & collected

Lesson 6

Guiding Steps

Once you put all these tools together, discover next steps to continuing your journey toward enjoying LIFE and Living Incredibly Full Everyday!