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DOMINATE Your Emotions So They're NOT Controlling You!

Nowadays, being masculine means hiding your emotions and vulnerability. This is considered a sign of strength, but it's actually a sign of weakness.

The problem with that is that hiding emotions cause them to pile up — often resulting in emotional outbursts of anger or frustration.

On top of that, people who are hiding their emotions have a way of taking things personally and can try to take control of situations as a means of controlling their environment to help themselves feel safe.

The only thing truly stopping anyone is their refusal to show their true emotions and admit to themselves and others that they feel trapped.

One in Five People Ended A Relationship With Someone Because of How They Behaved When They Were Angry.

You Don't Have to Be One of Them.

Begin Living Incredibly Full Everyday

Instead of being vulnerable, we often: 

-React like a nuclear reactor instead of having a controlled response​.

-Continue on a hopeless path of endless - and often needless - suffering and conflict with others​.

-Take EVERYTHING personally, feeling humiliated and insulted at the slightest perceived criticism.

-Remain frustrated that we are unable to find a way out no matter how hard we try.​

-Eventually feel defeated and furious, not only with ourselves but with our circumstances, family, and friends.

I Know - Because I've Been There & Done That!

I overcame being a nuclear reactor and now I help people who are tired of being angry learn to live incredibly full everyday!

And at the end of this experience, you too will be be able how to manage your emotional state under any circumstances.

"I reached out to Martin during a very difficult time. I lost my six-figure job due to COVID, was very depressed and felt very lost. I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do next in my career since I had already attained my 'dream job'. He was very empathetic and helped me come out of the hole I felt I was in with guiding questions, encouragement, and accountability. Within a couple months, I had direction, focus, and a renewed energy around all the possibilities I could now pursue. Thank you, Martin, for helping me get back on track with LIFE!"

Roberta O.

Start Your New LIFE Now!

Do You Want To Learn How Turn Your Life Around To

Live Incredibly Full Everyday?

My WORRIER to WARRIOR Program Was Designed to Take You From Stressed and Reactive to Calm and Responsive So You Can Live Incredibly Full Everyday!

So What's Inside 

The WORRIER to WARRIOR Coaching Program?

Module 1

Basic Training

Discover the tools you need to jump-start Living Incredibly Full Everyday! A mix of techniques and real-life examples give you the tools to jump-start your journey of transformation.

Module 2

Tools for Transformation

Dig deeper into transforming your LIFE with real-time strategies that will help you respond to situations and STOP being a nuclear reactor!

Module 3

Reflecting to Create Lasting Change

Real lasting change takes time, reflection, and release. Understand the steps you need to plan and complete your journey to greatness while learning to UNCOVER your highest potential. 

Module 4

Acting to Create Lasting Change

Plans are fantastic but it takes action to actually accomplish your goals. Learn the step-by-step process to embrace your dreams so you can enjoy LIFE and Live Incredibly Full Everyday!

Module 5

What Comes Next

See a deep breakdown of how this process has helped others and how they used these tools to transform their lives! 

Module 6


Here you'll find all the quick tips, worksheets, and contact information you need to make the most of your journey!

When I started with this program, I was ready to give up all hope of having a happy life. I thought this was my last shot and that if this didn't work, I would just give up and become a tool for other people's happiness. I didn't understand that I had internal limiting beliefs and rational lies that were keeping me tied to my old way of thinking. 

What has happened since starting the program with Martin, is I have gained positive clarity on life. I have accepted my own power and choice. I have taken responsibility for my choices and let go of those choices that were not mine. I have decided to live in abundance and gratitude. Because of those changes that Martin taught me I am happier, I have better relationships, and I have more clients because I am being my real positive self. 

Looking back, all I wanted was hope that I could start to heal. Needless to say, I have it now.  

Joshua H.